The Crafty Kid

10 crafts to definitely try with your kids! Watch for links to click on within each section of this blog!

Craft #1: Word Rocks

Be inspirational this summer by collecting rocks and painting motivational words on them. Click here for this tutorial.

Craft #2: Plastic Bottle Recycling

This link will take you to 20+ amazing and creative ways to reuse your old plastic soda and water bottles. Embrace your child’s creative side intermixed with science and problem solving by getting crafty with plastic bottles.

Craft #3: Kid Catapults

The perfect engineering craft for your little one! Make catapults together and maybe even have a competition to see who can fling their object the farthest. Add some math to this project by measuring the distance from the catapult to the object to find out just how far the object flew.

Craft #4: Sun Catchers

Gorgeous crafts to hang in your window on a sunny day this summer! Make an elephant, flower, or even a heart shape and add some jazz to it by turning the shape into a sun catcher! There are too many tutorials and different variations of this craft to send you to them all, but here’s one so you can get the general idea of this fun craft!

Craft #5: Bird Feeders

Design cute bird feeders by clicking here and watch the birds come up to your porch! What a beautiful sight to see whenever you’re eating lunch with your family.

Craft #6: Storm in a Jar

The coolest science experiment according to your kid! Watch as a tornado swirls around inside of a jar that’s right there in your kitchen. You can be on your way to creating a storm in a jar in seconds by simply clicking here.

Craft #7: Bookmarks

This craft is just fun, but also will encourage your young one to read more. So, get started on making bookmarks now!

Craft #9: Bubble Blower Painting

Ok, seriously, this just looks so cool I might have to go do this craft by myself tonight.

Craft #10: Paper Plate Flowers

Cute and simple! Perfect for your super young ones, and also the older ones; Design your own flower and hang it up anywhere!

Check out for more!


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